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Shakespeare Teenage Workshop

Feb 24, 2023

Shakespeare Acting Workshop at South Broward High School, Hollywood, Florida

I recently led an engaging Shakespeare Acting Workshop at South Broward High School in Hollywood, Florida. The workshop encompassed a dual approach, catering to both a general group exploration and personalized one-on-one sessions.

The general group session delved into demystifying Shakespearean texts, addressing the intricacies and challenges associated with his works. Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the Bard's unique language and learned effective techniques to overcome textual hurdles.

In one-on-one sessions, I had the privilege of working closely with individuals preparing for the ESU National Shakespeare competition. Notably, one of the participants I collaborated with emerged victorious in the competition, being picked regionally and placing as a Top 10 Finalist Nationally, showcasing the success of the workshop's personalized coaching.

The workshop's focus extended beyond mere recitation, delving into the nuances of both sonnets and monologues. Participants learned how to forge a profound connection to the text, infusing their performances with emotional depth and visceral impact. By breaking down the differences between sonnets and monologues, attendees gained insights into honing their interpretative skills.

Throughout the workshop, the aim was not only to impart knowledge but to foster a deeper appreciation for Shakespearean works. Participants left equipped with enhanced acting techniques, a newfound confidence in tackling challenging texts, and a tangible connection to the emotional core of their performances.

The highlight of the workshop was witnessing the success of a participant in the National Shakespeare competition, underscoring the tangible impact of the skills honed during our one-on-one sessions.

Overall, the Shakespeare Acting Workshop at South Broward High School proved to be a transformative experience, blending group exploration with personalized coaching to elevate participants' understanding and execution of Shakespearean acting.

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