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  Hey  There! 

       I'm Samuel Colina, a born performer with a

passion that started brewing on the colourful streets of my hometown, Caracas. I was born in the mountains of Venezuela, a land known for its rich, exceptional, and diverse landscape. Artistic inspiration all began with my folks. My parents, a dynamic duo of creativity – Papa, a singer and painter extraordinaire, and Mama, a dancer and actress in the city -  unwittingly set the stage for my lifelong journey into the world of performing arts.     


          While I was flipping and tumbling, another passion was bubbling up – marine biology. Documentaries became my go-to, opening my eyes to the mesmerizing wonders beneath the ocean's surface (I ended up with a minor degree in it). But, oh, sitting still was never my strong suit. So, alongside the flips, I joined my older sister and delved into the world of theatre and performance in high school.

      Now, let me tell you about my post-grad life. It's been a whirlwind of non-stop performances and a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence. Since graduation, I have been part of countless productions, donned the Dance Captain hat many a time, Indie films, commercials, equity shows, industrial dance performances, an opera, a ballet, and three national tours (my latest being 'A Chorus Line' in Tokyo, directed by original cast member Baayork Lee. My work ethic is my compass; it drives me to pursue excellence and true understanding and explore the depths of my talents as a multidisciplinary artist. The stage is my canvas, and I paint it with passion and dedication.


      Growing up with two sisters, our living room doubled as a spontaneous theatre. We'd put on plays, magic shows, music videos... (you name it) for our parents, napkins with the programme jotted in pen in hand, and that's where the spark began. I was a hyperactive, curious kid and my energy knew no bounds. In an attempt to keep me grounded, my parents threw me into gymnastics, and lo and behold, I stuck by it for 8 years and soared to the pre-Olympic level. Discipline? Check. Athleticism? Double check.     


      The stage felt like my playground, and I revelled in the blending of acting and music. I was seriously driven to learn more and more about this shiny new world of music. Self-taught, I dived into piano and music theory, driven by an insatiable hunger for knowledge. It was a crazy ride, but it led me to the desire to continue training at New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida, where I pursued acting with a music theatre emphasis. Summa cum laude? Yep, that happened.

     Giving back is important too! I've been doing the teaching thing on the side and leading the bright and bushy-tailed young pros in their academic endeavours including private voice, music theory, and piano. A majority of my mentoring has been at South Broward High School, where I've spearheaded a master class series, tackling everything from song prep to Shakespeare. Alongside, I made my guest-teaching international debut last year in Osaka, Japan. 


      Currently in my journey, I am vibing in Queens, New York, teaching voice and piano and guest teaching ballet and jazz on the regular. Future collaborations tba.


      From the sandy shores of Venezuela to the vibrant streets of Tokyo, I'm Samuel Colina – a name synonymous with drive, talent, and a voracious appetite for knowledge; My story is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and the boundless potential that unfold when you follow your heart onto the stage of life. And trust me, the show is just getting started!

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