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RING Dance School Masterclass 2

Aug 22, 2022

"I Hope I Get It" Masterclass in the heart of Osaka!

🌟 Dance Spectacle Unleashed: A Glimpse into the "I Hope I Get It" Masterclass!

The dazzling world of dance as the vibrant streets of Osaka played host to my electrifying international dance debut, a curated workshop experience that was nothing short of spectacular.

🔥 Warmup Prelude: The scene was set with a warm-up that wasn't just about flexibility; it was about honing in our mind and body, setting the tempo for what many consider one of the most intense opening of a musical. With many of the warmup techniques curated by Baayork Lee, original cast member of "A Chorus Line" and dance assistant to the one and only, Michael Bennett. Limbs were warmed, spirits ignited, and the air was palpable with anticipation.

💃🕺A Broadway Staple: Enter the world of Broadway with the iconic "I Hope I Get It" from "A Chorus Line." Me being immersed in the vibrant Tokyo tour, I brought the very essence of the show to Osaka. I made sure to give every detail and position, as this combination is dangerously specific. But it was more than steps; it was about embodying the soul of the movement and its origins, from the drive of the lyrics, to "Eat Nails" attitude when performing.

🎥🤳🏽Mastering the Dance and Filming: Rehearsing the combination in rounds, to group sequences that painted the air with a drive to get it right, the studio transformed into a canvas as we focused on individuality and the drive needed to perform this 8 times a week. Transitioning seamlessly from the vivacity of the Jazz combo, the participants glided into the often left out second portion of the opening: the Ballet combination. With a flurry of details, and a difference in attack from any other ballet combo, we delved into the steps and flew. Ending with wonderfully executed filming, so everyone can keep this knowledge with them.

🎤 Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse: The masterclass finished with an immersion into the world behind the curtain. We ended with a detailed Q&A session revealing the backstage secrets that fuel my life as a performer. "Guts and more guts, and practise"

🌐 Global Fusion of Artistry: Japan is a melting pot of international dance. I am honoured to have been part of it and led the participants not only in dance but the global dance narrative that is Chorus Line. Thank you RING Dance School for hosting my international teaching debut! ありがとうございます。

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