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RING Dance School Masterclass 1

Aug 22, 2022

Masterclass in Osaka with Ring Dance School: Unveiling the Magic of "One Singular Sensation"

🌟 Experience the Broadway Magic in the Heart of Osaka!

I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the talented dancers of Ring Dance School in Osaka, Japan, for a Masterclass that transported us straight to the dazzling world of Broadway.

Masterclass Highlights:
🎭 Exploring "A Chorus Line": Dive into the heart and soul of musical theatre as we delved into the iconic number "Finale/One" from "A Chorus Line." Drawing from my experience in the Tokyo tour, I brought authenticity and nuanced insights to every moment.

💃 Warm-Up Extravaganza: The journey began with a dynamic warm-up to set the stage for our Broadway adventure. We tapped into the energy of the theatre, preparing both body and mind for the expressive dance ahead. Including warm-ups we used before every performance on Tokyo Stage. We glided across the floor with a sizzling Latin across the floor combination. Adding a dash of spice, we set the stage for the vibrant choreography that awaited.

🎩 Hats On, Spotlight Ready: The true Broadway experience kicked in as we grabbed our hats and dived into the intricacies of the "Finale/One" routine. Every step, every gesture, infused with the spirit of A Chorus Line as I had learned from Baayork Lee, the original Connie Wong, creating a magical tapestry of movement. We united in one line, bringing our collective energy to the forefront, and captured the magic on film. The stage may have been in Osaka, but the spirit was undeniably Broadway.

🎤 Q&A Session - Behind the Curtain: The journey concluded with an insightful Q&A session, offering a glimpse behind the curtain of being a performer in the United States. From audition tips to life on tour, we explored the nuances of a performer's world.

🌈 A Celebration of Dance and Broadway Magic: The Masterclass wasn't just about steps; it was a celebration of dance and the enchanting world of auditioning as a dancer. Together, we wove a tapestry of movement that echoed the heartbeats of the Great White Way, right in the heart of Osaka.

Thank you to Ring Dance School and all the incredible participants for making this Masterclass an unforgettable journey into the world of musical theatre. Until our next adventure on the stage!

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